Private residence in North T.A.

A spectacular and inspiring kitchen that combines a wide range of elements that are characteristic of country style kitchens: beginning with its placement on a fishbone wooden floor, through its design as a long, impressive “strip”, to the use of art and design objects which complement the space. The main sink is fitted into the work surface and an additional small round sink is located at the end of the island.
A dominant, four meter long butcher block of French oak that has been worked by hand is situated at the heart of the kitchen giving it a strong presence and character. The cabinet facades are made of solid wood that has been painted in light shades, and the kitchen boasts handcrafted Artigiani brass hardware. The kitchen offers a variety of storage areas for maximum convenience, including cabinets, open and closed storage areas in the center island, and a wood and glass-fronted display cabinet situated in a niche in the wall

מטבח מודרני עם אי
לקבלת קטלוג המטבחים 2021 לעיונך בזמנך הפנוי