Private residence in Even Yehuda

In a world where everyone wants country style kitchens, this is a classic country style kitchen in the full sense of the word. From the island in the center that is made of French oak, through to the solid wood cabinets that have been painted in a delicate shade of cream, and to the exposed porcelain sink placed under the bay window.

A modern country kitchen with clean lines and light colors that correspond with the great amount of light that comes in from the outside space (thanks to the windows that surround it in all directions). Along with the prestige and quality that stand out so prominently due to its careful design, this is first and foremost an intimate, family country style kitchen. The island at the center combines many storage spaces and serves as a dining area and sitting area for social gatherings.

מטבח מודרני עם אי
לקבלת קטלוג המטבחים 2021 לעיונך בזמנך הפנוי