Work Method


The quality of our materials, down to the very smallest detail, is the principle that guides us throughout our work. We use a wide variety of hardwoods (deciduous trees) and soft woods (conifers) in our projects, including our “signature” wood – French oak.

Only the finest raw materials are selected, such as birch plywood, water-based paints and varnishes, oils, and waxes. The fixtures and fittings – the final touch – are individually chosen.

Our longstanding relationship with the Austrian hardware company Blum gives us access to modules and hinges of an exceptional quality, as well as state-of-the-art accessories that contribute to the optimal utilization of cabinet space. In this way, we are able to provide products with a classic appearance combined with the most convenient and sophisticated features.

חיתוך של העץ



The Touchwood approach to kitchen design is driven by practical and esthetic considerations, as well as by the chosen space, the home’s unique style, and the clients’ needs. We place huge importance on selecting the most appropriate type, color, and finish of wood. By doing this, we can provide an optimal solution in terms of design, convenience, and practicality according to our clients’ everyday needs.

The work process begins by drawing up the plans by hand, maintaining the unique, personal approach that defines the company. These plans also delineate the exact location for the faucets, electrical outlets, and lighting. Precise planning at this stage enables us to provide creative solutions to optimally match the kitchen to the existing surroundings.

תכנון וביצוע


Traditional carpentry is not only our work ethic: it’s our way of life. At Touchwood we still carry out the entire woodworking process without shortcuts. Our production, carried out under stringent quality control procedures, is implemented by our experienced carpentry team. A senior staff member supervises and personally accompanies each project from beginning to end.

The wood is meticulously worked, paying close attention to the particular properties of each selected wood type. The finishing stage can include time-honored techniques that were once commonly utilized, such as the smoked oak or fumed oak effect.

Hand-carved details, and glass, iron, or ceramic elements all help to provide our work with a unique character.



Installation and Beyond

We believe that the final installation is a critical part of the work process. Therefore, installation of our country kitchens, bathrooms and furnitures is carried out by us personally rather than by subcontractors. As a company that carefully selects all of its raw materials as well as the fixtures, fittings, and accessories, we take full responsibility for the integrity of our products, even after the installation stage. More than any warranty, this essential commitment guarantees our clients peace of mind.



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