Private residence in the Galilee

A charming example of a natural connection between a country-style kitchen and a country area. In a village in the Galilee, sitting on top of a wooden floor, is a rustic kitchen that makes a personal statement and offers a wonderful combination of colors and a selection of textures.
A French oak butcher block is at the center of the kitchen on an island which serves both as a work surface and as a dining table. The kitchen’s facades are made of oak that was carefully selected and has a bleached finish that preserves the character of the original material. The cabinets of the island, the vitrine, and the upper units are painted in an opaque shade of green which while covering the oak, allows it to express itself clearly. The kitchen island features storage areas, both closed and open, including a beehive wine rack.
During the process of working the wood a lot of effort went into creating a “sawn wood” texture and painting it in a slightly antiqued style that evokes vintage and retro. This design approach is also expressed in the choice of a vitrine cabinet with “retro glass”, for a lovely taste of yesteryear.

מטבח מודרני עם אי
לקבלת קטלוג המטבחים 2021 לעיונך בזמנך הפנוי