Private residence in Yahud

A country style kitchen in the full sense of the word, featuring a combination of different natural materials – wood, stone and glass. The kitchen is decorated in bold shades of Bordeaux, giving it an amazing sense of old-fashioned classic with a modern touch. It is planned and designed from solid wood (French oak) and has spaces that have been lined with other raw materials – two brick walls in vintage style and another side that boasts a glass wall which curves up to the ceiling, and looks out over a country yard.
As with all real country kitchens, you will find here rough, old-fashioned, rustic, and even “ponderous” design. This is also reflected in the finish of the wood, which has been hand painted to preserve the natural texture of the original material. An oak parquet floor completes the design effect from below.

מטבח מודרני עם אי
לקבלת קטלוג המטבחים 2021 לעיונך בזמנך הפנוי