Private residence in Mikhmoret

The designer’s unique touch is evident in this country style kitchen. The kitchen sits on a polished concrete floor and it unfolds in a richly decorative design. All this while maintaining a clean flow and precision work that creates a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity.
The kitchen is made of French oak (also the painted parts) and the countertop is made of stainless steel personally imported from Italy. The island with its stylish oak wood surface and integrated stovetop serves as the main work surface for cooking. A prominent characteristic of country-style kitchens which is present in this kitchen, is the contrast between hot and cold elements. On the one hand, the oak wood surface of the island and the cabinet facades preserve the warm natural texture, while on the other hand, the two work surfaces of metallic stainless steel bestow an industrial touch. The kitchen’s delicate fusion style is manifested through the integration of art and design objects that the customer brought from Japan, which tie in elegantly to the rustic line of the room.

מטבח מודרני עם אי
לקבלת קטלוג המטבחים 2021 לעיונך בזמנך הפנוי